Polestar Ethos


Contest Design -

Environment & Evolution

Futuristic Project.



I thought a lot about the “progress” concept. I wanted to develop an element we use a lot with our current technology. Even we had developed several designs and ideas with it: the wheel.

What is a wheel? It´s not only a concept for an object, it also includes the tyre, the wheel trims, the connections to the brakes, suspension… It´s a complex object, but I´ll focus only on the tyre and wheel trim elements.

Technical Design

Turning a wheel into its next level


From the very beginning, humans have been dreaming conquer the sky, space, the deep sea, the most remote places on earth… We have invented such a variety of vehicles to access all of those places. But, what would happen if we could access with one transport to all of those places? Without changing our vehicle, doing a transfer or waiting for the next flight?

But first of all, Let´s study some common elements in vehicles that fly, sail and drive:


Can we change the wheel design?

To develop this “wheel”, I mixed some concepts: the wheel trim will have a design based on a turbine, which will allow it to spin as a boat screw through water and sail (locking and protecting the tyres). And this turbine will also be able to work as a drone engine and fly, turning the edge of the wheel horizontally.


In the next decades, electric vehicles will lead us to wherever our destiny be. These vehicles must be able to drive, fly and sail. But also will allow the driver to drive, sail and fly.

This vehicle will be autonomous, and the driver will need to learn to drive, fly and sail if he wants to unlock the manual mode. The driver will be supported every moment by the AI to avoid accidents but will lend you to drive manual if you want it.


Nature, environment and living beings


I needed a simple and clean design for the skeleton. It only would have the main shape without details. I imagined several crafts flying in the sky, with wings and aerodynamic shapes. Some of them are similar to animals, to planes or only shapes modelled by air.


Based on the skeleton, I needed to redesign the previous shapes into a more detailed design to sail on the water. Now the aerodynamic is not a straight or angular line, it´s sweet and smooth.


After deciding the skeleton and aerodynamic design, it´s time to design the structural design, linking all the shapes and volumes into a craft able to drive. It must leave space in this structure for going through the different fluids (water and air) and have the right elements to drive on asphalt.


The skin adds the final touches to this craft. It models the space for the engine, turbines and tyres. It explains the aerodynamic design and the technology installed. It shows you the development and the cabin available for the passengers.

Exterior Design

An aerodynamic vehicle, able to sail, fly and drive


Vehicle on the road. Explanation:

-Tyres: the vehicle has got eight tyres, four of them significantly narrow to allow the turbine to spin between both tyres. A mechanism will cover them when you sail or fly, to avoid deterioration or damage due to salt or other contaminations.

-Cockpit: the bodywork has got the same finish details as the cabin. It´s designed in black to protect the passengers from the sun when you fly, and from the reflects on the water when you sail. The tech it uses is inspired by a photochromic crystal.

-Aerodynamic: the vehicle is an aerodynamic drop. It´s a smooth design inspired by an F1 and a plane. Their front and rear wings help to keep the vehicle stick to the asphalt. Also, it allows reducing the wind resistance when it flies.

Below you can find the skecthes to explain all the development.


Vehicle on the water. Explanation:

-Tyres: there is a mechanism similar to a second skin, covering the entire tyres. Before it, you can ride your car till the shore and get it into the water. Once it begins to sail, the protection holds back the water, sprinkle fresh water through the tyres to eliminate the salt, and a second function of the air conditioner dries the tyres.

-Turbine: the tyre covered will leave the wheel trim with a turbine shape spin as a real turbine, and move the car on the water. Some spaces with air will allow the vehicle to keep on the surface and steady on the water.

-Navigation: the navigation is easy, you only have to sail as if you were in a yachT or boat. You can use the steering wheel in the same way, but the gearbox only will work in two directions (up and down) to accelerate or stop the engine.


Vehicle in air. Explanation:

-Tyres: the same protection that works when sail, holding back water, works again flying, but it also blocks the tyres to avoid movements while the turbine is working (there is a compact mode of all the ensemble elements when the vehicle is flying).

-Turbine: the edge of the wheel will disassemble from the suspension and change to support the turbine flying. It will unfold and allow the engine to sping and fly the same way as a drone do. To help the car stand without touching the floor, there will be four kickstands deployed on every turbine.

-Navigation: the vehicle will fly in autonomous mode always. If you have a pilot license, you need to unblock in an official repair shop the manual mode. In otherwise, you only will able to fly with the manual mode if you´re a pilot. If not, the vehicle will autonomously do everything.