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This prototype was chosen by the jury as the winner of the contest sponsored by Autobild, KIA and Nebrija University in 2015.

The prize was the Master´s Degree in Engineering at Industrial Design, in Madrid (Spain).

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The challenge to this contest was to design a futuristic KIA within five or twenty-five years.

I studied some KIA cars, but I admired the KIA Optima and decided to design a saloon car inspired by its front and back lines.

This KIA Optima remembers me to a feline. So the lateral design is inspired by animal muscles, giving the bodywork the elegance and strength of an animal.

Its name Glare means shine (saloon car´s essence) and to give an angry look (characteristic of a sports car).


Prototype inspired in the KIA Tiger nose.

This saloon car combines the elegance of a saloon car and the aerodynamic style of a sports car, all inspired by the KIA Style.

In other words, the main grill has been seen from another perspective. The shape and lines are the same, even the essence, but the volume and design are totally different. You can see it and recognize it´s a KIA, but explained in a new way.

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Not all ends here: Mechanic development & 3D

The Interview made by Autobild after winning this Contest (2016):

Explain briefly your proposal for the Contest of Design (inspiration, the most appreciable thing for you, the name of the car, etc.).

My design is inspired by the current front grill of KIA. I think is the most appreciable and important thing in the design. First, I wanted to create a new look for the car and this grill, known as the "Tiger-nose". I wanted to change the aesthetic character of the brand without losing the essence and tried to create a lot of ideas looking for a new shape, but my sketches didn´t convince me. I studied some prototypes of KIA for understanding their design, and tried to "put the car into the front grille", and I developed this grill as the entire front part of the car, a shape that includes all the front and the back of the design. This car was born like this. The chassis design is only a caprice: is a coupé with a saloon car design that has the height and looks of a sports car, thanks to the aerodynamic lines on the side. This quality linked with the elegance and the space of a saloon car create a model with a big boot and a big chassis for two passengers. Finishing, explain that its name, Glare, is traduced from English into Spanish as "shine, and look with fury". I got this name from the painting and for the aesthetic: grey is the best colour to analyse a shape, for the contrast of shadows and lights with the volume; this thing linked to the headlamp design gives, as a result, a car with a huge personality.

Would you like to work in the Automotive Industry?

Yes. I´ve been drawing cars since I was a child, and I´ve designed several cars with my point of view as a designer. Everything began as a hobby, but before ending my Degree in Fine Arts, I understood that it was more than a hobby: it was a passion. I tried to focus on the study of the aesthetic and the design part of every subject at the degree, and at the Final project Degree, I designed a new car brand with five cars and one concept car. This work only increased my interesting in Automotive Design. I´m too restless, and have worked with my skills to improve them in the meanwhile I studied Arts and chose the best path to study Drawing and Design. Here came this contest. I presented my work for knowing what the jury and the audience could think about my design. It was a wonderful surprise to found Glare as a finalist in the first round, and later, find him as the winner of the contest. Know that I could improve myself and stydu Industrial design, for could dedicate professionally as a designer in the Automotive Industry was the best thing that has never happened to me. I haven´t got enough words to express my gratitude to everybody that believed in this car.

What represents the automobile for you?

The automobile represents everything for me. Well, almost everything. As I´ve said, I spend my childhood drawing cars and learning from them. The first car I met was a little Citroën AX, which had all the wishes of a little girl. When I reached 18 I could enjoy the pleasure of driving, accompanied by a Passat… It was the beginning of my research about new aesthetic and technical solutions. An Astra Bertone showed me the agility of a sports car, and a charismatic Passat CL took care of us in an interior that made me feel so comfortable and safe. I think that, like a lot of people, I fell in love with cars, and used to identify them with good experiences. I walk on the street, see them, analyse the details, if I can, I touch them and follow the chassis lines for understanding better the development and the shapes. I believe that every car has got its personality and essence, and you can study and develop it. It has been only a month that I had the opportunity to buy my first car, a Hyundai Coupe Tiburon, and I´m going to learn a lot from him, and why not, I´m going to learn a lot from myself when I´ll drive him every moment.

What do you think about the Scholarship of Industrial Design at Nebrija University?

I think is a wonderful opportunity and a big initiative for all the sponsors of this contest, and I would like it could be repeated more years from now on. All the people that love Design know all the effort that involves wanting to be an Automotive Designer, and we´re conscient of the difficulty of this decision. Is a hard path to follow, and is understandable to have doubts, because is not an easy profession to reach, but… If you get this opportunity to win this contest, you won´t be only excited for the great welcoming of your project, you will be the fortunate student that will learn the concepts and applications of Industrial Design, with lots of people who will increase your knowledge and motivation, and united to your ideas, you´ll make of this Scholarship the best experience in your career.

I express my gratitude to initiatives like this that brings us the opportunity of having the support to show our work at a national level, of knowing new friendships, increasing our knowledge with all the participants… And especially for me, to have the opportunity to reach the dream I´ve been following since I was a child: be a car designer with the help of this Scholarship. I wish in the future there would be a lot of participants that could feel this emotion of being the winner of this contest. Thank you so much to Autobild, KIA and Nebrija University.

The data

Learning from… The situation

I was designing the Nissan Veron Concept car in the summer of 2015 when I discover another contest for KIA with a deadline in August. I worked a lot developing the Nissan and finished it with a week to reach the deadline of KIA. In other words, I had seven days to design this KIA prototype.

At night, I fell asleep thinking about how to design it, the main shapes KIA have. I finished it and, of course, I didn´t hope it could win the contest, because Nissan took more time of development, and only was a finalist. But the KIA made me realise that sometimes you have to put faith in the first idea as the better, without overthinking 14 million different ideas. I bet for it as it was my unique opportunity (of course it was, there was no more time!). Without waiting for it, I won, and felt so excited and touched when Autobild called me. I even cried with joy!