Challenge everything

Ask yourself why, what and how


This concept car finished in the Top13 at a contest in 2015 sponsored by Nissan, Autopista, and Valencia University. Veron would appear at Autopista´s magazine (number 2.934), together with all the finalists and the winner of this contest. Link.


This project is inspired by the searching for a better driving sensation, in which I tried to delete barriers based on the sense of vision. For explaining me better, I´m going to divide the bodywork into two parts to assemble: the first, at the top, create a cover to the interior, totally transparent and tough, in which there aren´t any pillars which could difficult the driver vision; and the inferior part, shapes the rest of this bodywork.

Let´s begin with the main idea: freedom. How could I obtain a form of shaping freedom? Let´s see…


I began with smooth and sweet lines. Then I realised they could be a faster animal running. I don´t know why but it gave me the feeling of a horse. I was looking at that horse when I modified it in my mind and tried to design a metallic horse, finding similarities with helmets. And then, those helmets will transform themselves into bodyworks. They are the base of the concept car. A sort of metallic freedom.


This design uses technology to facilitate the driver´s vision. I´ll divide the car into two parts to assemble: the bodywork and a transparent-tough cabin of metallic glass without pillars and with junctions for a hermetic closing. This glass will be composed by:

-Windows treated with a photochromic glass which will be darker for protecting passengers from the Sunlights, and lighter on rainy days or at night. This technology keeps you protected from UVA Rays and gives visibility against unfavourable environmental conditions. The windows have got a gradient design with a part not treated with photochromic glass, to protect the safety and the vision from the rear mirrors.

The absence of pillars also gives you a similar sensation of freedom, as if you were in a convertible car.

-The back glass part is composed of electric glass. It can lose its transparency and becomes dull if you apply a power supply. Has the function of a dye crystal, and you can activate it manually. It´ll protect you from blindings driving at night with cars on your back. When you park the car, you can switch on the glass, and it could hide some things left in the interior.

Retractable light Design


The engine is not developed, but I would like to explain that, if it would be possible, it will carry an electric engine supported by some panels on the roof to obtain energy from the Sun. The car will be respectful with the Earth, and it will try not to depend a lot on an electric station.


I wanted a clean and simple dashboard. All focused on the freedom sensation at driving. Without pillars, you can see the roundabout better and only focused on the road. The rear mirrors will show you the exterior of the steering wheel, the seat will embrace you and hold your body, and if you need something, there are some buttons on the dashboard to control everything.


Forget everything, who are you?

This concept car portrayed me before being an Industrial Designer. I knew materials, I investigated elements and technologies. All I wanted was to improve, to make cars with a different point of view. Maybe this car has got a lot of technology and, some elements cannot build this car.

Maybe it´s too much for us now but… It a statement of intents.