The birth of a Dream

Fine Design for Fine Arts

I studied Fine Arts because there wasn´t another degree in Design in my city, and I didn´t have another choice. I chose Art because I wanted to improve my skills in Drawing and Design, so I thought it would be worthwhile.

During the four years, I related every project with the automotive field. From a painting of a car, a sculpture about the spirit of a car, a video from 4 vehicles as if they were friends… And the Final Project Degree in Automotive Design. Not all teachers understood my intentions, but the ones who did it, really taught me a lot, and let me invest and develop new versions of cars.

I´ve always enjoyed drawing cars, but maybe I took it seriously since my old brother and I used to modify cars. Now, I was finishing my studies at Fine Arts and had de opportunity to do the project I loved, and demonstrate to myself I was good enough to Design vehicles. If you want to discover it, just keep down, you´ll enjoy all the details.


At the first time, the investigation and research. I made a book of 150 pages in A3 size (to summarise all the information) about the heritage of Automotive and Design. I studied the birth of an automobile, the story of thousands of brands all over the World (from the 5 continents), the brands, the motor shows, car designers, motorsport, media press… All to have the knowledge and history present to develop my own designs.

But we´re not here to talk about theory and read long texts. So let´s discover what an earlier designer did. Let´s begin with the first design, the prototype, to understand all the brand.






My name is Guillermina, in English Williamina and German Wilhelmine. Let´s decode this:

Wilh: Determined

-elm-: Helmet, Protector

-ine: Woman

From all the meanings, I got Wille name to this concept car, which means in German determination. This car is a female soldier, which has got a front design inspired by a helmet and a back design based on a sword. Its wheel trims are the shape of a hurricane because she is the stronger, faster and braver soldier. The sketches I did, looking for a shape for this car are very different in shape but not really in essence.





The first bodywork: a hatchback. I wanted to design a car for the youth people. A car that they´ll always remember as their first car, the one which taught them how to drive and park, and the car which gave them the first freedom, party and who know, the first kiss! I was looking for a happy design, with some personalizable parts, and available with five or three doors to carry the friends or the dog.





Mondo is the family, the one big hero that protects the children and the grandparents. I wanted a clean design, but at the same time, a complex vehicle, with numerous elements to increase active and passive safety. It is just a car in development to show a few possibilities to explore and study. That´s the main purpose of this car: research and safety.





I´ve always loved the 4x4 bodywork in all the shapes and designs. I love all of them. But, what is the connection between the car and the name? My mum´s surname, Cantero, comes from the Stonework profession, which builds castles, palaces and cathedrals. So, I decided to create an all-terrain because a good Stonework can inspire a stronger 4x4, ready to drive offroad and overcome all the challenges we want, as a hero!

Add to this, my mum´s family comes from a mountain town, so it perfectly fits to portray all the family with a sublime 4x4.





The sedan is also inspired by my dad´s surname, Valdivia. It´s meaning is Ibia´s Valley, in which born the first Sir Valdivia and the surname. I thought that the first Sir could inspire an elegance car, a black majestic saloon car. At home, we have a blue VW Passat, and before it, we had another older, so I knew how beautiful and superb they were.

In this case, my father´s family cames from a beach town, so is totally the opposite of the 4x4. The sound and movement of waves must feel at the design.


Sports car



We reach the last bodywork Design with the explosive version of the concept car. Why Ramé? Ramé means chaos and beauty at the same time. That sports car must be as beautiful as its father, the concept car, but more chaotic in the way it has to be powerful and faster, in a design context.


Sedan, Sport Sedan & Wagon chasis

I had a catalogue of a sedan at home because we brought it some time ago. I studied it and decided to create my own catalogue for the saloon car. I didn´t know how to do the graphic design because there was a lot of information, but, I focused on all related to the design on three bodyworks:

-Sedan: accessories like wheel trims, the upholstery, roof rack, towbar bicycle carrier, the car key, paintings and colours, engines…

-Sports Sedan: design of the front and back bumper.

-Wagon: the back design for the boot and the roof trims.



I presented the Final Project Degree without a branding name. Even any car had a name. I´m so bad looking for names, and all the names of this project were assigned later. I´ve explained one by one the why of every car name, but not the main brand name. But let´s analyse the shape: the brand logo means the union of a person and a car. The person is with his arms up, celebrating, and the lateral views are the headlights of the car. You can understand everything with the next animation.

Now the name. All begun a few years ago. There was a special friend, who I talked not much, but I wanted to inform him when I reached something important, like winning a national contest or when I got a new job. One day, he was talking with my mom and told her I was a prominent figure in Design. She told me that conversation, and I remember that his opinion made me happy, but I didn´t think I was too good. A time after, when I talked with him again, I realised that he really admired my work. That made me consider my feelings and thoughts. I always believe that I was good but not enough, cause there is always a chance to improve, and I have a lot to learn. But he believed in me, he as my family, friends, and a lot of people I don´t know personally, but support my work. I had to be up to challenge myself every day and being better because of them.

So, I chose the word, and translated into a few languages:









There was a wide variety of options, and as you can see the Romanic languages are very similar, so I chose Eminenza because I loved the way it sounds.

The results

And what Fine Art teachers said after that

I didn´t have the chance to present physically, during an exposition, the entire project. I sent the book of 150 pages and the Sales Catalogue to my teacher and the university jury. A few days later, my teacher told me I overcome the project with honours, but, the jury told her something at that moment that broke my heart. They didn´t give me the outstanding because there wasn´t a project related to Fine Arts, and I just got the note 10/10.

At this moment, I was angry and upset at the same time, but later, I understood that yes, my project was about Design and not Arts, and the teachers didn´t appreciate that. Of course, I didn´t study Fine Arts because I loved Art, no, I just loved cars and Design! They only appreciate the subject, not the content. My teacher told me she was proud of me and didn´t mind about that, because there was only a note. And that was exactly what I did, because, in my mind, I knew that the project was one of the betters of the entire University, and I´ll show it to the entire World!