Urban mobility

A balance between Technology & Environment.


I made this project focused on some big problems at our time. The big challenge to resolve is that our planet is losing its health by the uncontrolled and massive use of its sources.

As a modern civilisation, we have to develop our technology and, at the same time, we take care of the environment. This project remark the importance of protecting nature and using recycled materials and renewable energy.

The second fact is when I was studying industrial design, we had several types of materials, and among them, I enjoyed nanomaterials and nanotech. In this project, I promote its use, because there are so many applications to make our life easier.

Let´s track this from the beginning: the briefing.


This is an urban car designed to drive short distances through every street, narrow streets included. It can carry two passengers comfortably and be compact enough to park easier.

Its design is inspired by some models of SEAT: Minimó, León and the Ibe Concept car.


I wanted a clean design, without added parts, but known as a SEAT by its design. There are three points it design shares with SEAT:

-Lateral Design: SEAT has two parallels lines and a big one down them at the end of the doors.

-Back Design: I got the lateral and back shape from the Minimó to build the urban car: small and narrow, but with a big bumper to protect the passengers. The taillights are similar in shape, but they couldn´t be a real design, and didn´t take, at first sight, seriously.

-Front Design: I redesign the front grill from the Ibe Concept Car to the bonnet of this new design because it´s electric and doesn´t need the same grills as a fuel car. The lights are similar in both cars but a little simplified, and the language, as you can see, is the same.


There are some parts I changed to improve the design. Here there are:

-I changed the taillights for some linear triangle lights, similar to the Ibe Concept Car. Those shapes are the same for the front lights, but they have got mini triangles on the main triangle.

-The fog lights are horizontal now, better fit than vertical.

-The roof must be opaque to protect from the sunlight in summer.

-A different way to open the door with a knob inside the door.


I give it my best shot at interior design. First of all, I looked for some different materials for my respectful interior:

-Bio PETS: they will be part of the dashboard. The industry can reuse them in a second chance, with the singularity they can obtain them by plants.

-Recycled plastics: some of them will be the base of personalizable 3D print elements. I thought that some elements could change their design to solve the needs of different people. Those different designs can help to solve problems for physical disabilities.

-Vegetative Fibre, Modal & Lyocell: they would be the perfect match for seats and clothes. I chose vegetative fibres that can be as good as animal fibres and even can proportionate some qualities of nature (decrease the interior temperature in summer, for example) and avoid getting those materials from animals.

As you can see in the pictures below, some elements such as seats and the steering wheel are inspired by natural elements such as leaves and flowers. All of us are part of the planet and all our designs, machines, and objects we use daily should live in a peaceful ecosystem, and cause less impact on the environment. This design tries to be as clean as I could and my knowledge lends me, but in a team, I´ll be happier to make it better and 100% respectful.

Do you want to know more?

Let´s discover the details


This project took two months in the summer of 2019. I was working a hard job in my town, and the motivation to create it came from the marvel films I discovered and watched in my free time. I was intrigued with the nanotechnology I studied for my master´s degree, and Tony Stark uses it a lot. I thought I couldn´t wait more time to say aloud that this technology will help us in the safety field.

I´ve always loved to work in the field of Safety and Eco Design, thinking about how the materials can help us, and how we can protect the Earth. We are a civilisation of thousands of years and have the responsibility to keep the environment and at the same time improve our technology. Both can grow up together, and I, as a designer, have the responsibility and duty to do it, for a better place for us, and our next generations.

Do you want to know some details?

-Its name, Atarfe, comes from the city where my brother lives and could mean two words in English "Atar" as "link", unite, or tie. And "Fe", as "Faith". The meaning I wanted for this car is the message for people to have faith in technology and change. Faith moves mountains, and we have to have confidence in the future, in a better world, with respectful technology and a healthy World.

-Triangles, why triangles on the roof? It´s said that a triangular element, surface or object is the most strong structure in engineering. That part is composed of crystal with settings of aluminium triangles to make it stronger, in case of overturn or accident. It´s a design similar to a usual roof, but seeing outside the box.

-The green side. I looked for lots of materials to make the interior design as respectful as I could, and the inspiration should not be otherwise as nature. Observing the plants I found that the steering wheel is the flower opened on the dashboard. The interior doors could be roots, and the passengers can hold them. The seats are like comfortable leaves.

-Development. This project was created in the summer of 2019. I was working hard on my little town, arrived so tired at home, and, I don´t know how to explain, but my mind needed to work with vehicles. I started this project because I didn´t like to see how we were contaminating the environment, and wanted to test myself to find a better future for cities and transportation mobility.