Prototypes to make

easier our drive

On this page, you´ll find prototypes developed as a research solution to current problems. My purpose is to protect the drivers and pedestrians with technology. As a designer, I feel responsible for every prototype production, si I look for the best option in material development to create an ECO Design respectful of the environment. Would you like to discover one by one? Just scroll down!


Lighting prototype


Avoid dangerous situations. Sustainable design.


Optic Fiber

Fiberdiode is an illumination method that combines design and safety. Its development has researched improve vehicle illumination, but more than that, it has motivated the protection of people and animals in adverse conditions.

The current illumination systems have higher power compared with the olds. Nevertheless, they don´t give us effective protection in case of an accident, break down, or if only a simple light bulb burns down. How can technology help us? In this project, I want to find a method to avoid and protect from accidents.


3D Printed Gear Knob


Inclusive Design


Recycled filaments

Freebound is a prototype of usual objects that can break exposed to diary use. The goal is to create simple elements we could repair with a 3D printer and assemble easily at home. We could avoid the manufacturing process and protect the environment with less pollution.

This gear knob is an object that suffers repetitive use while driving. If we have a computer and a 3D printer, we could design or download/purchase a 3D design and print it at home. We also could develop a product specifically for people who don´t find a gear knob that fits with them (personalised or for any person with a type of disability). After printing them, you only have to add a steel thread to assemble at the car.




Front windows


Prototype designed for a fan request

I participated in a contest sponsored by Toyota Spain. It was composed of two parts: the first part contents all the request the fans asked for in a car, based on safety, ergonomics or pocket elements. The second part is all the designs developed from these requests.

My design was based on a sun shield for the front windows to avoid blindings on sunsets or sunrises. It´s a simple element that works as a second glass on the windows. You can activate your windows and also this sun shield that works with the same system. Its design is a gradient, to protect you from the sun but to lend you keep the eyes on the road.


Car Key Packaging


Detachable packaging. Resistant to reuse.


Multipurpose box

At Eco-design we had a proposal to create a common packaging, and give it the purpose of being reused and recycled in another way. I searched for car key packagings in the transportation industry and discover some designs. I did one metallic packaging special for Porsche because aluminium is one of the best materials that can be recycled without losing properties. You can recycle it time after time.

Once you have received the key, you can disassemble the packaging into a bigger metallic packaging to save more special elements than one key, and added a symbolic element to remember your car number production and specifications. Because I always loved to have a reminder of how wonderful my car is/was.

Main goal:

People & Environment

The prize for winning the contest sponsored by KIA, Autobild and the Nebrija University was the opportunity to study for a Master´s Degree in Industrial Design. I remember the summer before beginning the Master, one of my future teachers told me several books to “at least read” to understand and reach the required level to study Engineering. Before that I studied Fine Arts, and I spent hopefully that summer studying Materials, Physics, Maths… They were all of these subjects didn´t motivated my at the institute and, then, I enjoyed learning by myself.

I focused my development on safety. There were several things I wanted to change and improve, and you can meet some of my projects here. Every design has got something to protect us or to help us when we will find a trouble. We have got the key to improving not only our technology but also the living beings on our Planet.