VW Kon-nect

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Klaus Zyciora launched from his Instagram account a contest on the occasion of World Design Day. It was about designing the future interior of cars.

You can find my proposal for his contest at this link.


Technology and Industrial Design

Structure composed of three layers of material. The kinetic structure can adapt the seats to different shapes, depend on the driving mode: manual or autonomous. There are two shapes for autonomous driving to travel in a relaxed way, and one mode to drive the car.

That structure works by electricity as a modular interior design and changes the space if you activate it through an app or on the dashborad screen if you are going to drive.

— The recharge space

Living interior

I took as inspiration a modern and illuminated living room and a bedroom. With the autonomous mood, you can relax in the car, lie down and even modify the interior design to have a place for your children to play or your dog to travel calm.

Above all, I wanted a very clean and spacious design, with noble materials respecting the environment, and colours that suggest a natural but luxury interior design. To make it connected with you, I wanted to add some interior plants. They will be your copilot.


Peaceful place

A peaceful place with your family. A reunion focused to enjoy the time, feeling safe as at home, and comfortable as if you were lying on the sofa, looking at your children playing… The only difference is that you can d all of this, travelling.


Passionate place

The interior is characterized by space, in autonomous and driving mode. We are accustomed to small and narrow cars, and that must be the opposite. An autonomous car would have a driving mode always, cause we can´t avoid or lose the pleasure of driving.


An open door

I didn´t design the exterior design because it wasn´t necessary for the contest. But as training, will do it in the future. I have a lot of projects in mind to improve my skills and knowledge, so for sure, I´ll add the exterior design.

Thank you Volkswagen and Klaus Zyciora for this contest and the opportunity to show our ideas and designs.