The Heart of Iron


Ironhart (Iron Heart)


Iron Man´s suit armours


Aerodynamic design

— Currently in Development

Iron Man is a comic-book superhero from Marvel Studios. This character was kidnapped and suffered sustained serious injuries, so he had to survive using an Arc Reactor to generate energy for an electromagnet keeping shrapnel away from his heart. This Arc Reactor is the Heart inspiration of this project.

The first suit was made of reused parts from Jericho missiles. However, the majority of the next suites were made not of iron but titanium and gold alloy, and the final suit was constructed of vibranium and nanotech. This is going to be the inspiration for the bodywork.

"Let´s track this from the beginnging…"



"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk"

ARC Reactor (Heart)

The Arc Reactor is Tony´s heart and the energy that helps him to rule his suit. Do we need an Arc Reactor in this car? No, we don´t. We´ll use a real Heart instead. Whose heart? Ours.

Each person´s heartbeat is unique. The reason we need our heartbeat to drive this car is to unlock the vehicle and access to private configuration. How? Keep reading…


It´s a simple and cost-effective system to differentiate every person.

It would only be necessary to measure the electrical activity of the heart using an electrocardiograph connected with a wearable.

We will use our hearts beating to unlock our car in two ways:

-Through a wearable: you can use a bracelet, a smartwatch or a sunglasses, for example. It will monitor and upload your cardiac activity into the car.

-Through a device: it could be the key or a ring, that saves our cardiac activity and will unlock the car if we are near it (less than 5m.). Or through a gadget installed on the car roof, which will feel our heart beating by our wrist and also will unlock the car.

You will be able to save the heartbeats of your family or friends to allow them to drive the car. In this way, no one could use your car even if it´s forced and opened.

***The heart activity isn´t constant so if you use a device instead of a wearable, you will need to upload the measured heartbeat activity.


"Following´s not really my style"

Suit of Armor

I must confess, I don´t know why, but I deeply love the aesthetic of a mechanical design. From a vehicle to a suit of armor, or a watch. I´m big on modelling and imaging designs in metal.

At the MCU we can see numerous armors with the evolution of Stark, admire designs of buildings, vehicles or models with a great level of detail, besides delighting us with impressive worlds, environments or enemies. All this will be the inspiration on this project.

"It´s an imperfect World, but it´s the only one we have

"It's not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better"

"No amount of money ever bought a second of time”, so use your time wisely.

"If we can’t accept limitations we’re no better than the bad guys.”

Part of the journey is the end

"I love you 3000"

End Game

Tony Stark went from being a famous, rich and selfish character to be the only one capable of creating a decent future for everybody.

Out current World is the same: money and success do not care about climate change, inequality for the future of generations. It´s our turn to join forces and build the future we all want.

"Everybody wants a happy ending, right?"