Prototypes to make

easier our drive

On this page, you´ll find prototypes developed as a research solution to current problems. My purpose is to protect the drivers and pedestrians with technology. As a designer, I feel responsible for every prototype production, si I look for the best option in material development to create an ECO Design respectful of the environment. Would you like to discover one by one? Just scroll down!


3D models about Transportation Design


Solid & Surface Design


Catia V5

From the beginning, Catia was a program that called my attention at all. I´ve always loved the 3D design but didn´t feel able to create something by myself. I tried 3DS Max but it didn´t fulfil my expectations as well as Catia. We studied above all Part Design and Generative Shape Design (also Assemble, but in a short time).

After classes, I worked at home creating several elements related to transportation. It was a pleasure the simple fact of creating volumes and elements connected. I could finish a primitive car, with mistakes of course, but was a very enjoyable and educational exercise!

Add, I did a project with a truck because our Catia teacher used to say “Carry-me truck” when we didn´t answer in class because we didn´t know the answer. It was my tribute to him! I rendered the truck with the faculty facade from google maps, and… Voilá!